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Mon 24th Oct 2016

MLB World Series 2016 Preview - Cubs v Indians

And then there were two. The Cleveland Indians have been one of the last teams people expected to reach the 2016 World Series, while the Chicago Cubs have merely fulfilled expectations so far. The Indians haven’t won the World Series in 68 years, and the Cubs’ curse has lasted for a whopping 108.

Tue 18th Oct 2016

2016 MLB Playoffs: Who Will Win the League Championships?

The 2016 MLB Playoffs are moving right along and the League Championship series are in full swing. The Mets, Orioles, Rangers, Red Sox, Giants, and the Nationals have all bowed out, and the Dodgers, Cubs, Indians, and the Blue Jays remain.

Fri 14th Oct 2016

Which Teams Will Make It to the 2016 World Series?

Four teams remain in the battle for the 2016 World Series trophy, with the Dodgers, the Blue Jays, the Indians and the Cubs all hoping to take the title.

Tue 11th Oct 2016

A New MLB Team in Las Vegas?

Though it may seem unlikely, a professional baseball team may soon call Las Vegas its home. Vegas is commonly viewed as a gambling city and a home for sports betting in the US, which means there are plenty of sports fans who could quickly form a loyal fan base if a team were to move there.

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