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Wed 15th Nov 2017

NFL 2017/18 Week 11 Betting Preview

The 2017 NFL season has been characterised by a large number of former strugglers moving up to the top of their divisions. Teams such as the Saints, Eagles, and Rams are prime examples of this trend. Though a bigger sample size of previous results this term makes it easier to predict the upcoming games during the second half of the season, the NFL is as unpredictable as ever.

Wed 8th Nov 2017

NFL 2017-18 Week 10 Betting Preview

Week 9 provided some clarity in terms of the NFL’s play-off picture. Teams like the Eagles, Rams, and Saints solidified their status as Super Bowl contenders, while others such as the Seahawks, Jaguars, and Falcons remained stuck in a grey area.

Tue 31st Oct 2017

NFL 2017/18 Week 9 Betting Preview

As numerous NFL teams continue to surprise us even in Week 8, even more individual players stand out because of their sudden rise to relevance.

Mon 23rd Oct 2017

NFL 2017-18 Week 8 Betting Preview

The NFL won’t be the same without Aaron Rodgers, but season-ending injuries to the Green Bay Packers quarterback and other stars, such as Odell Beckham Jr., prove how losing one player can alter the outlook on a team’s entire season.

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