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Tue 19th Sep 2017

Speedway GP Round Ten Swedish Grand Prix 2017 Preview

As predicted, round nine of Speedway GP in Germany sprung a number of surprises due to the track not being in regular use by any of the participants. In the end, three of the four finalists came from outside the title-chasing pack and the show now rolls into Stockholm’s Friends Arena with Jason Doyle in the driving seat.

Tue 5th Sep 2017

2017 German Speedway Grand Prix Betting Preview

The Speedway Grand Prix championship battle hots up as it hits the Bergring Arena at Teterow in Germany.

Mon 21st Aug 2017

Polish Speedway Grand Prix 2017 Betting Preview

The battle for this year's championship returns to Poland after events in Sweden blew the title race wide open.

Mon 7th Aug 2017

Swedish Speedway GP 2017 Betting Preview

There is a three-way fight for the Speedway GP title as the second half of the series arrives in Sweden.

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