Check out the latest competition below to find out how gives its readers the chance to win great prizes.

#FreebieFriday Giveaway

Celebrate the final day of the working week with’s #FreebieFriday giveaway. Each week, you have the chance to win a mystery prize that will leave you feeling like a gold medal winner.

If you would like to get your hands on one of the mystery prizes, follow these simple instructions to enter:

To enter via Twitter

  • ‘Follow’
  • ‘Retweet’ the #FreebieFriday Giveaway post.

To enter via Facebook:

  • ‘Like’’s page.
  • ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the #FreebieFriday Giveaway post.

The competition will open this Friday from 8am to 5pm. Entries made after this time will not be counted.

Good luck!'s #FreebieFriday Giveaway Winners

Winner - Greig Spencer Greig Spencer (Week 4 - 11/08/17)
Greig was excited to be named as the fourth winner of's #FreebieFriday Giveaway: "I'm so happy to be picked as one of's winners for a mystery prize! I can't wait to see what I've won."

Winner - Shona Mackie Shona Mackie (Week 3 - 04/08/17)
Shona was the third winner of's #FreebieFriday Giveaway and was overjoyed to receive her Team GB sportswear: "Amazed to be the fantastic lucky winner. It feels so great to win with the amazing!"

Winner - James Nigh James Nigh (Week 2 - 28/07/17)
James was the second winner of's #FreebieFriday Giveaway and was thrilled to receive his Team GB sportswear: "It feels great to win with"

Winner - David Hughes David Hughes (Week 1 - 21/07/17)
David was the first winner of's #FreebieFriday Giveaway and was delighted to get his hands on a Team GB polo shirt: “It feels fantastic to be a lucky winner.”

Previous Competition Winners

Winner - Ruth Wollerton FitBit Blaze Competition (1st Place) - Ruth Wollerton
Ruth Wollerton was the winner of the August 2016 competition to win a FitBit Blaze.

Winner - Mark Scott FitBit Blaze Competition (2nd Place) - Mark Scott
Mark Scott claimed the second prize (a large sports goody bag) in's FitBit Blaze Competition.

Winner - Jim Radford FitBit Blaze Competition (3rd Place) - Jim Radford
Jim Radford claimed the third prize (a small sports goody bag) in's FitBit Blaze Competition.

Winner - Zion Williams Euro 2016 Goodie Bag - Zion Williams
Zion Williams was the winner of the June 2016 competition to win a Euro 2016 goodie bag.

Winner - Cathy James Euro 2016 Football - Cathy James
Cathy James was the winner of the June 2016 competition to win a replica Euro 2016 football.

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