Athletics Betting Tips

This page is updated with athletics betting tips ahead of major races and championships, outlining the odds for the fastest men and women on earth and offering predictions on who might cross the finishing line first or end up with a gold medal around their neck.

Athletics is a sport that captures the imagination of fans all over the world when events such as the Olympics come along, and it is also ideal for new bettors because the markets are usually very straightforward. The most common wager is on the outright winner of a race or competition, although sometimes you might find bets on a podium finish or whether a new world record might be set.

There are so many different disciplines that you can bet on, from road races to all the track and field events that make up any athletics meet. Winter is usually reserved for training and indoor championships, before regular Diamond League competitions take place throughout the season in the build-up to the World Championships, Commonwealth Games or Olympic Games.

The betting tips below also will study the form of the top runners ahead of races such as the London Marathon and Great North Run, showing all the relevant athletics odds to stand you in good stead for successful betting.

Wed 6th Sep 2017

The Great North Run is the world’s biggest half-marathon, and has been taking place every year since 1981. The 2017 event will take place this Sunday 10 September, when tens of thousands of participants – both amateur and professional – will run a distance of 13.

Wed 2nd Aug 2017

The 2017 World Athletics Championships will get underway at the London Stadium this Friday 4 August, and conclude on Sunday 13 August.

Wed 5th Jul 2017

The 2017 Anniversary Games will take place this Sunday 9 July at the London Stadium, which is situated at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Thu 20th Apr 2017

It has once again reached that time of the year when the streets of the nation’s capital grind to a halt as runners from around the world take on the gruelling 26 miles and 385 yards of the London Marathon.

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