Bookmakers Put Odds on the US Dumping Trump in First 18 Months

Updated Thursday 21st February 2019, 02:36 PM

Bookmakers including Ladbrokes and Paddy Power have begun offering odds on US president-elect Donald Trump being removed from office within his first 18 months.’s View

To say that Donald Trump’s run for the US presidency was a divisive one would be an understatement. His promises — including the infamous US-Mexico border wall and a ban on all Muslims entering the country — drew ire from his opponents and members of the voting public alike. But his supporters, many citing a longing for change to the political system, stuck by him and in some cases even revelled in Trump’s various media and opponent-goading tweets and jibes.

Combined with voters’ distrust of both Trump and his closest rival, Hillary Clinton, the 2016 US election was one of the most negative in the country’s history. And now, with just days to go before Mr Trump is sworn in as America’s 45th president, the bookies are providing odds on him being removed from office long before his four-year term is over.

Cheeky bookmaker Paddy Power is currently offering odds of 8/1 on Donald Trump not making it through his first six months as president, suggesting that the outspoken business mogul could be removed by Congress following one too many scandals or acts that it deems to be unlawful. To put that into perspective, in January 2005, the selfsame bookies offered odds of 16/1 of current president, Barack Obama, not getting through his first half-year — a bet deemed hugely controversial at the time.

All of this comes after Trump’s most recent scandal, wherein a former British spy claimed that Russia had compiled a dossier of salacious material involving Mr Trump and said that, as well as the president-elect having links to the Kremlin, the country could potentially blackmail him after he enters the Oval Office. Mr Trump called the claims “fake news” and slammed the outlets that reported upon it, even snubbing questions from news group CNN for their handling of the story. But in the bookies’ eyes, the stories only served to make Mr Trump’s future as leader of the United States an even more uncertain, not to mention entertaining, prospect.

Will you be having a cheeky flutter before the former Apprentice star raises his right hand on Friday?

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