Brexit Betting: Who Will Become the Next Conservative Leader?

Updated Thursday 21st February 2019, 02:45 PM

David Cameron’s decision to stand down as leader of the Conservative Party has seen a frenzy of political betting begin in the wake of Britain's recent Brexit vote. The Tory frontman is set to leave his post in October and the race to replace him is now down to two candidates.

The Contenders

  • Theresa May is the overwhelming favourite with the bookmakers to take the reins of the Tory party. The Home Secretary was in favour of remaining in the EU at the recent referendum, but steered clear of nailing her colours too firmly to the mast, a shrewd move that helped her avoid alienating those within her party who were in favour of exiting Europe. May is one of the longest-serving Home Secretaries in history, a position she has flourished in, but her wider political experience is yet to be tested and her charisma has been called into question.    
  • Andrea Leadsom is the current Energy Minister, having only become an MP in 2010. A firm supporter of the Leave campaign, the former banker is viewed by many Conservatives as a sensible and competent character, but she remains relatively unknown outside of her party despite a number of televised debate appearances.’s view

With Liam Fox, Stephen Crabb and Michael Gove now out of the picture, this leadership battle is now a two horse race. Theresa May is the favourite amongst bookmakers to take the top job, and has been ever since Boris Johnson declared that he would not be putting his name forward for the position. However, expect Andrea Leadsom to run the Home Secretary very close.  

  •’s top tip: Next Conservative Leader after David Cameron: Theresa May: 2/7 


*Please note that odds may fluctuate.

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