Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Betting Preview

Updated Thursday 21st February 2019, 02:38 PM

Many viewers settling down to watch Celebrity Big Brother could be forgiven for thinking they have seen it all before, but there really is a sense of deja vu about the new, 19th series, after a host of the most explosive housemates in history were invited back for a second crack. Also billed as the All Stars vs New Stars, the 2017 show features three former runner-ups, a husband-and-wife double act and even a mother and son duo.

The Housemates

All Stars

Austin Armacost - An American model, Austin came second in the summer series of 2015 after sharing a memorable bromance with winner James Hill. Intelligent, humorous and entertaining, he is among the favourites, but will have to control his fiery personality to emerge as the victor - Odds 10/1

Calum Best - Son of George Best, Calum is a reality TV show veteran who generally comes across as kind and charming. He is an early favourite with bookies, but how popular can he really be if he finished behind Katie Price and Katie Hopkins in Celebrity Big Brother 15, and will it cramp his style to have to share the house with mum Angie? - Odds 9/2

James Jordan - A former Strictly Come Dancing professional and self-proclaimed ‘Brad Pitt of Dance’, Jordan came third in Celebrity Big Brother 14. He will not want to play second fiddle to anyone and could rub some of his housemates up the wrong way, but if he can speak his mind without getting too aggressive, he could still go a long way - Odds 20/1

Nicola McLean - A glamour model who has previously appeared in both I’m a Celebrity and Celebrity Big Brother without coming close to winning, McLean’s only chance could be if she has mellowed in her mid 30s. - Odds 80/1

Coleen Nolan - Former singer and Loose Woman Nolan finished as runner-up to Julian Clary in Celebrity Big Brother 10 and has vowed to stand up for herself this year after being given a tough time by Coronation Street battle-axe Julie Goodyear on her last visit to the house. Odds 16/1

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - Otherwise known as Speidi, Spencer and Heidi are a couple who found fame on MTV show The Hills and then set sparks flying in Celebrity Big Brother 11 when they alienated themselves from the rest of the house by refusing to do most of the tasks. They still came second to Rylan Clark-Neal, but lightning can’t strike twice and surely they’ll be out sooner this time - Odds 4/1

Jasmine Waltz - An American model and actress who became embroiled in an ugly love triangle with Blue’s Lee Ryan and Casey Batchelor and was then second to be evicted. She is rated least likely to win by the bookmakers and even odds of 50/1 are unlikely to tempt many punters to back a woman whose behaviour is just slightly shallow - Odds 66/1

Jedward - Given the honour of entering the house a couple of days later than the rest, X Factor twins John and Edward managed to mess up their big arrival when one of them slipped off the stage and had to go to hospital for a check-up. They first appeared in Celebrity Big Brother 8, somehow finishing third, and bookmakers are tipping them as possible winners - Odds 3/1    

New Stars

Angie Best - George Best’s first wife, Angie is a model who kept her participation in the show a secret from son Calum. The dynamics of their relationship are sure to intrigue viewers early on, but will she be overshadowed by some of the louder personalities in the long run? Odds 20/1

Brandon Block - A DJ who famously invaded the stage whilst drunk at the 2000 Brit Awards. He came across as a bit of an oddball on the launch show and may lack broad appeal, but if Bez and Gary Busey can land the title then maybe he can’t be discounted - Odds 33/1

James Cosmo - A Scottish actor who has appeared in Braveheart and Game of Thrones, Cosmo is a familiar face if not a big name. He may just be a bit too nice and normal to stand out in a mad house. Odds 16/1

Bianca Gascoigne - The daughter of footballer Paul Gascoigne and a glamour model, Bianca Gascoigne won Love Island back in 2006 and made a positive impression on launch night, so she could be a dark horse - Odds 22/1

Jamie O’Hara - If there is anything that can prepare a housemate for the tantrums of overpaid prima donnas, it may be playing football for a living, and former Tottenham midfielder O’Hara was keen to play down the pressure of being in Big Brother on launch night - Odds 12/1

Ray J - An American singer and TV personality who seems especially proud of one particular home movie he made with Kim Kardashian, Ray J entered the house sporting a Union Jack-themed suit. Opinion may be split over whether he is charismatic or idiotic - Odds 12/1

Stacy Francis - An American singer and actress who was ‘edited out’ of the show by the All Stars in a cruel twist on launch night, meaning she must wear a beige tracksuit and stay away from key events such as meetings and tasks. The prospect of not getting much air time is just about as horrifying as it gets for a celebrity, and she looked as if her world had caved in when she was told she had been edited out - Odds 40/1

Sports.net’s View

Recent history suggests that the bigger personalities usually land the Celebrity Big Brother crown, and in a cast of extreme characters the title is there for the taking. It is hard to pinpoint who might win, given some of the loathsome previous champions, but Calum Best is understandably among the favourites as a warm and funny character. Austin Armacost offers even better value at 10/1, though, and should have learnt the lessons of his last appearance in 2015, when he let himself down with a couple of unsavoury outbursts but still came second on the strength of his generally good-natured manner.

  • Sports.net’s top tip: Austin Armacost to win Celebrity Big Brother - 10/1

*Please note, odds may fluctuate.

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