Celebrity Big Brother: Summer 2017 Betting Preview

Updated Monday 25th February 2019, 02:50 PM

The barrel has been scraped once again and another line-up of third-rate reality stars and washed-up celebrities has been assembled for the viewers’ pleasure. It is coming to something when the most recognisable faces in the Celebrity Big Brother house are a guy who left his role as a loser on EastEnders 15 years ago and a sexagenarian ghostbuster, but it is a show which continues to captivate a wide TV audience and bookmakers have drawn up odds of who might win.

The Housemates

Shaun Williamson - Otherwise known as Barry from EastEnders, Shaun is smart, funny and kind, which probably rules him out of winning.

Sarah Harding - A former member of Girls Aloud, Sarah is one of the few housemates who viewers might actually have heard of.

Sam Thompson - Apparently a star of Made in Chelsea, Sam’s master plan seems to be to act like a big kid.

Derek Acorah - He presents programmes about hunting for ghosts and is 67-years-old. Enough said.

Marissa Jade - Marissa’s claim to fame is appearing on the American reality show Mob Wives. Seems a bit touchy.

Chad Johnson - A good-looking American man who does not lack confidence. In other words, an arrogant cad.

Sandi Bogle - Sandi made her name just by watching TV on Gogglebox, yet is still one of the most famous people in the house.

Helen Lederer - Known mostly for her role on Absolutely Fabulous, Helen may struggle for air time in a house full of egos.

Karthik Nagesan - The Big K, Karthik is a self-absorbed businessman, formerly of The Apprentice, with lots of ambition and a monobrow.

Brandi Glanville - She’s from reality series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so it is unclear how she qualifies as a celebrity.

Jordan Davies - An immature playboy from Ibiza Weekender and Ex on the Beach who doesn’t warrant a description this long.

Trisha Paytas - An ‘internet personality’; producers must surely have been rejected by thousands of celebrities before they phoned this one.

Jemma Lucy - Another Ex on the Beach star, Jemma has lots of tattoos and likes to wear revealing clothes. Hardly a shrinking violet.

Amelia Lily - A former X Factor finalist, at least Amelia has a bit of talent as a singer.

Paul Danan - Sometimes called ‘Dangerous Danan’, this former Hollyoaks actor stands out even in a bad bunch as still being one of the most juvenile.

Sports.net’s View

It is hard to tell from previous editions of Big Brother just what makes a winner. There are few similarities between the two most recent champions - Stephen Bear and Coleen Nolan - for example. Sandi has emerged as the early favourite after helping Barry from EastEnders to deal with his false first-night nerves, and if there is any justice left in reality TV then someone like her or Shaun should take the title. However, putting others first is not always a good idea in Big Brother if you want to win, and so it might be better to back one of the younger brigade.

Jordan Davies seems to have allies in the house already and has appeared on several similarly low-brow shows, so he could be worth a punt at 14/1. While a victory for someone like Davies might make you lose faith in humanity, at least would earn yourself a bit of money.

Sports.net’s top tip:

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