Coronation Street Betting: Who Pushed Ken Barlow?

Updated Thursday 21st February 2019, 02:33 PM

A few decades ago, soap-loving television viewers in the USA and beyond were puzzling over the question, "Who Shot JR?" after the leading character in TV show Dallas was shot by an off-screen character. This year, soap opera fans in the UK find themselves in a similar predicament, because the longest-running character in Coronation Street, Ken Barlow, was recently pushed down the stairs. The culprit wasn’t shown on screen, and Corrie viewers are now waiting for the big reveal, so bookmakers have given everyone a chance to make their own predictions by betting on who pushed Ken Barlow?


  • Daniel Osbourne is the son of Ken and his former partner Denise Osbourne. The relationship was a rocky one, and ended with Denise running off with her brother-in-law-turned-lover and taking Daniel with her. Several years later, Ken was reunited with his son, but their relationship has always been more than a little strained. Daniel returned to the Street in November of last year after Ken had suffered a stroke, but the whereabouts of Denise are as-yet unknown, and Daniel always acts rather suspiciously when the subject comes up.
  • Whether Denise Osbourne is even alive is unknown, but the bookies obviously think she might be. Given their previous messy relationship, she could have a motive for pushing Ken down the stairs. Of course, Coronation Street is a soap opera, so motives aren’t always required or readily apparent.
  • Amy Barlow is the daughter of Tracy Barlow, which makes her Ken’s granddaughter. Amy arranged for Adam Barlow (Ken’s grandson via his daughter Susan) to be arrested for pushing Ken down the stairs, but some are speculating that she might simply have been looking to divert unwanted attention away from herself.
  • Rob Donovan is the ex-partner of Ken’s daughter Tracy, and just happens to have been on the run from the police for several weeks. He has past form, having been sentenced to 25 years behind bars for the murder of Tina McIntyre in 2014, so maybe Ken was just his latest would-be victim.
  • Adam Barlow is the son of Susan Barlow and Ken’s arch-nemesis from years ago, Mike Baldwin. He returned to the Street after Ken had suffered his stroke, and has more than a few skeletons in his closet, but whether or not he pushed Ken remains to be seen. He isn’t the best of pals with Daniel Osbourne and, in some respects, the Baldwin-Barlow dynamic is being played out once again.’s View

There are more than a dozen suspects offered in the Who Attacked Ken Barlow? betting market, but those highlighted above are the ones that head the market, with all other names being offered at odds of 25/1 or greater.

Betting on which soap opera character took a given action is always a bit of a lottery, because television producers and scriptwriters go out of their way to lead the audience in one direction, only to provide a much more dramatic solution from a completely different angle. That said, there have been rumours that Denise Osbourne could possibly be returning to Coronation Street, and that would imply that either she or her son Daniel might have been the one to push Ken.

The bookies favour Daniel as the culprit, but we think that Denise having pushed Ken would be even more dramatic (and more of a surprise given then she isn’t currently in the storyline) and so we will have a token bet on Denise and watch with bated breath.

  •’s Top Tip: Denise Osbourne to have attacked Ken Barlow – 13/8 

*Please note, odds may fluctuate.

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