Emmerdale Betting: Who Killed Emma Barton?

Updated Thursday 21st February 2019, 02:22 PM

Emmerdale viewers in the UK are currently on tenterhooks as they wait to discover the answer to the question: Who killed Emma Barton? For those of you who don’t happen to watch the soap opera, Emma Barton is a character who left a trail of destruction and misery in her wake – from causing the Hotten Bypass crash to killing her husband – before falling from the Hotten Viaduct just last month. Barton had previously contemplated suicide, but a post mortem indicated foul play, and viewers have been in Whodunnit? mode ever since. Now the storyline seems to be approaching its conclusion, so who are the most likely culprits according to the bookies?


  • Moira Dingle had been one of Barton’s previous targets, having had an affair with her husband, James. When Barton set fire to a barn in an effort to kill her, she went into labour, but Barton then stole her baby. Given that viewers saw Moira watch Barton approach the viaduct from which she later fell, it is no great surprise that she is the bookmaker’s current favourite to have exacted revenge.
  • Laurel Thomas was apparently visiting her sister when Barton fell from the viaduct, but there is evidence that she had returned to Emmerdale earlier than she claimed. Thomas was also seen making a phone call to her sister, urging her sibling to stick to their story. Given that Thomas blames Barton for bullying her late husband Ashley before his own death, she too is a definite suspect.
  • Adam Barton was seen reading a suicide letter apparently written by Emma, which had a confessional tone. Emma had previously tried to kill his mother, Moira, and Adam himself has his own very shady record of past deeds, so perhaps he eventually decided to get rid of Emma for good.
  • Gabby Thomas was the early suspect as far as viewers were concerned, because she had witnessed her father Ashley being bullied by Barton. She has also had several run-ins with Barton, and was behaving a little less than normally on the day in question, leaving the Woolpack to supposedly get her phone charger, and returning a while later with ice cold hands.
  • Pete Barton is Emma’s son, and the brother of Finn, who died after Emma accidentally shot him. Pete has also found out that Emma killed his father, James, so he has at least two fairly good motives for wanting to get his own back.

Sports.net’s View

The above suspects are just a few of many that bookmakers have priced up, but they are the likeliest according to previous storylines and the odds themselves. Betting on any soap opera plot development is always a largely speculative affair, and given the fact that soap writers do their utmost to surprise viewers, we think it would be worth looking beyond the favourite for wagering purposes. Given that nothing would be more dramatic than Emma being pushed off the viaduct by her own son, we will have a punt on Pete Barton being revealed as the bad guy in this storyline.

  • Sports.net’s Top Tip: Pete Barton to have killed Emma Barton – 7/1 

*Please note, odds may fluctuate.

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