Is Prince Harry Planning to Propose to Meghan Markle?

Updated Thursday 21st February 2019, 02:27 PM

The tabloid press in the UK is currently speculating about whether or not Prince Harry is planning to propose to his American girlfriend Meghan Markle. The prince, who is currently fifth in line to the throne, has been seeing actress Meghan for some time, and this week he took her to Botswana to celebrate her birthday. Botswana is one of Prince Harry’s favourite places, and he has described it as his ‘second home’, so if he were planning to propose to Meghan, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if he would choose to do it there.


  • Meghan Markle was born in August 1981 in Los Angeles, California. She is an actress who is best known for her role as paralegal Rachel Zane in the US television drama Suits, but is also known for her humanitarian work, and is currently a Global Ambassador for relief and development organisation World Vision Canada.
  • Meghan has been married once previously, and that was to Trevor Engelson, who she had been dating since 2004. The couple married in September 2011, but separated in May 2013 and divorced in August of that same year. She formed a relationship with Canadian TV chef Cory Vitello, and was with him prior to her forming a relationship with Prince Harry.
  • Prince Harry was born in September 1984, and is therefore slightly younger than Meghan. He has not made many of his personal relationships public, but it is known that he has previously been involved with Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas. His relationship with Meghan Markle was confirmed in November 2016, when Kensington Palace said that he had been seeing her for a few months.
  • Prince Harry’s love of Botswana is well known, and the southern African country is often described as his spiritual home. The appeal of the country is that it allows the prince to just be Harry, and to go about his life in as normal manner as is possible for a member of the British royal family. 
  • Close friends of both Meghan and Prince Harry have said that the relationship is a serious one, and the two have often flown across the Atlantic to see each other whenever their schedules allow. It has also been reported that Meghan has spoken about reducing the amount of acting work that she does in order to move to the UK.’s View

Personal relationships are private things even for those in the public eye, so it is difficult to say exactly how Prince Harry and Meghan view their future together. All we can really go on is the information that has been released to the public through scant official statements and numerous published rumours, but on the whole it does indeed seem like this relationship is a serious one.

Given that Prince Harry has seen his older brother settle down in recent years, it is likely that he may have decided that it is time for him to consider doing the same. Having successfully conducted a transatlantic relationship for over a year, the couple have demonstrated their commitment despite difficult circumstances, and they may well be wanting to make life easier for themselves by taking things a step further.

Prince Harry’s decision to take Meghan to his ‘spiritual home’ for her birthday could well turn into a marriage proposal. Since there are still nearly five months of the year left, we think that it is worth a modest bet on the couple announcing their engagement in 2017.

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Harry and Meghan to announce their
engagement in 2017
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