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Every Olympic Games brings with it a host of questions quite apart from who will win each specific sporting event. Questions like: Which country will win the most gold medals? How many medals will be won by Team GB? and How many Team GB medals will be gold? Whilst such questions aren’t always easy to answer, the bookmakers have formed their own opinions, so let’s explore those and see what they are..

How the Bookies See It

  • Most Gold Medals: USA 1/4, China 3/1, Great Britain 50/1, Australia 100/1 – Ladbrokes
  • Total Gold Medals for USA: Under (42.5) 5/6, Over (42.5) 5/6 – Paddy Power
  • Total Gold Medals for China: Under (34.5) 21/20, Over (34.5) 7/10
  • Total Gold Medals for Great Britain: Under (18.5) 5/6, Over (18.5) 5/6 – Paddy Power
  • Total Medals for Great Britain: Under (54.5) 8/11, Over (54.5) 1/1 – SkyBet


  • The USA has participated in 26 Summer Olympics, and has earned 2,399 medals, 976 of which were gold. That equates to an average of 92.2 medals (37.5 gold) per Games. In 2012, the USA won 103 medals, 46 of which were gold.
  • China has won 473 medals from 9 Summer Olympics, 201 of which were gold. The average number of medals per Games was 52.55, and the average number of golds was 22.3. China won 88 medals at London 2012, 38 of them gold. 
  • Great Britain has won 780 medals from a total of 27 Summer Olympics, and 236 of those were gold., for an average of 28.8 medals (8.7 gold) per Games. The number of medals earned by Team GB in the Olympics in 2012 was 65, and 29 of those were gold.

Sports.net’s View

Looking at the stats, it’s very easy to see why the USA is the hot favourite to win the greatest number of gold medals at this year’s Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The nation has won almost twice as many medals as the next best, Russia (formerly the Soviet Union), and with many athletes from the latter-named country having been banned from participation in Rio, the USA looks set to extend its colossal lead even further. We expect the USA to justify its market position and earn more medals than any other competing nation.

China hasn’t participated in nearly as many Summer Olympics as the USA, but it is still one of the top ten nations as far as medal hauls are concerned. If the country performs as well as it did in 2012, a bet on Over 34.5 gold medals could prove profitable.

Great Britain surpassed all expectations in London 2012, with 29 gold medals, and whilst it might be a tad ambitious to expect a repeat of that glorious summer, we are hopeful that Team GB will earn more than the 18.5 golds which Paddy Power has set as the fulcrum of its Total Gold Medals market. We will therefore choose to bet on Team GB surpassing that total in Rio.

  • Sports.net’s Top Tip: Great Britain to win over 18.5 gold medals – 5/6 at Paddy Power

*Please note, odds may fluctuate.

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