What are the Chances of a White Christmas in 2017?

Updated Thursday 21st February 2019, 02:22 PM

Christmas Day is just six weeks away, and many people in the UK are beginning to wonder how likely they are to enjoy a white Christmas. Whilst that phrase may evoke images of the ground being covered by a thick blanket of snow, for the purposes of betting a white Christmas is defined as any amount of snow (even a single snowflake) falling on the day at a particular location.

At Coral, for example, white Christmas bets are deemed winners if snow is ‘recorded at the main city airport’ on 25th December. Your chances of winning are therefore dependent on where you predict a white Christmas taking place, so let’s take a look at the options available.


  • Meteorological scientists have been monitoring snowfall at locations throughout the UK for decades, and the data tells us that, according to the ‘single snowflake or more’ definition of the phrase, there has been a white Christmas 38 times in the last 54 years. 
  • December isn’t really the most likely month for snow. We are far more likely to see snow fall in the first few months of the year than in the last one. The Met Office says that snow falls, on average, for 3.9 days in December, as opposed to 5.3 days and 5.6 days in January and February, respectively.
  • Scotland tends to get a lot more snow than England, with mountainous regions being particularly blessed with the white stuff. This is simply due to Scotland being farther north than England, and other countries which are even farther north, such as Canada, Norway and Sweden, experience even more snowfall.
  • The last white Christmas in the UK in technical terms was in 2015, but no snow settled on the ground. The last time snow settled on Christmas Day was in 2010, when the majority of the country was covered.
  • Whilst there is no official Christmas Day weather forecast available from the Met Office just yet, early indications are that temperatures are likely to be too warm for snow to fall in the UK on Monday 25 December, which is probably why the bookies are offering odds-against prices for all UK locations.

Sports.net’s View

Bettors who want the best possible chance of landing a winning white Christmas bet would do well to look at the overseas options, such as Winnipeg, Toronto and Vancouver. Here in the UK, locations in Scotland would seem to have the best chance of enjoying a white Christmas, so we will side with Aberdeen for betting purposes and keep our fingers crossed for the city to enjoy weather that is worthy of a Bing Crosby movie.

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