What Will Prince William and Kate Name Their Third Child?

Updated Thursday 21st February 2019, 02:27 PM

It has been announced by Kensington Palace that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting their third child. The couple, whose marriage in 2011 captivated the country, delighted the general public once again with the arrival of Prince George in 2013, while similar scenes of jubilation were witnessed in 2015 following the birth of Princess Charlotte. Of course, with a backlog of royals waiting to ascend to the throne, it is unlikely that this latest child will reign supreme over the Commonwealth, but that hasn’t stopped excitement from building amongst royalists, while bookmakers have already started offering odds on both the gender and name of the new arrival. Sports.net takes a look at the odds.  


  • The royal family have always remained very traditional when naming their offspring, something that was further emphasised when Prince George and Princess Charlotte were given their titles. Victoria and Mary have always been popular in the monarchy with Queens of the past bearing the same names, while the same can be said when it comes to boys names such as Arthur and Henry.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are yet to name one of their children after a living relative. Elizabeth and Philip are options that could be on the couple’s minds, while Charles and Harry may also be on the table, especially given that William’s father and brother have provided the prince with such support over the years.
  • The final day of August 2017 saw the world witness the 20th anniversary of the death of Prince William’s beloved mother, Princess Diana. The Duke of Cambridge, who was just 15 at the time, has made no secret of the fact that he thinks of his mother every day, meaning that Diana might be a name worth keeping an eye on for all royal punters.

Sports.net’s View

With Kate’s latest pregnancy in its infancy, the sex of the future royal, who will be fifth in line to the throne, has not yet been revealed, meaning that there is nothing to separate the odds when it comes to guessing whether the child will be male or female. With this in mind, a price of 10/11 on either gender looks tempting, especially for bettors who fancy their chances of beating 50/50 odds.

As for the name of baby number three, Alice and Victoria are the early frontrunners at 8/1. The former, which roughly translates as a Germanic Adalheidis compound meaning noble and kind, has been touted as a potential name for royal babies in the past and was the name of William’s great grandmother. Victoria could be favoured in honour of the 19th century monarch. Mary and Alexandra are also proving popular with the bookmakers, with each coming in at 10/1 having been overlooked following the birth of Princess Charlotte in May 2015.

Depending on the sentimentality of William and Kate, their latest offering to the world could bear the name of someone very close to the couple.  If speculation is to be believed, the world should meet the new royal in mid-March, however, a late birth could see the infant share its birthday with William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, providing the couple with an ideal opportunity to honour the head of the Commonwealth.  

However, the couple could favour tipping their hats to the baby’s great grandfather. Having recently retired from royal duties at the age of 96, Prince Philip has certainly served the county well and would surely feel honoured if his great grandchild bore his handle. Philip is currently available at 12/1, while Philippa is very well priced at 33/1. That said, with memories of Princess Diana’s tragic death being recounted two decades on, could William be more determined than ever to name his third child after his late mother?  

Of course, William and Kate could throw a curveball when it comes to naming the latest winner of the baby lottery. At 100/1, Camilla would put the cat amongst the pigeons, while Edmund, available at the same price, would certainly be a name appreciated by all Blackadder fans. However, with the country in turmoil under the leadership of Theresa May, could 2018 see a Boris occupying Number 10 as well as the Palace?

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