Which BBC Presenters Will Take a Pay Cut or Move on?

Updated Tuesday 5th December 2017, 04:02 PM

As the dust settles on ‘BBC salary day’, many licence fee payers have been left to scratch their heads and wonder whether playing a bit of music on the radio every morning or asking cliched questions about football really entitles someone to rake in millions a year. The decision to release the earnings of the BBC’s biggest stars has also raised questions about gender equality and prompted some bookmakers to draw up a series of special markets about what might happen next.

Possible Pay Cuts

Type Odds Bet Now
Which presenter will get a pay cut in 2018?
Claudia Winkleman
Steve Wright
Graham Norton
Chris Evans
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The salary details were made public on the grounds that members of the public have a right to know how their licence fee is spent, and BBC bosses have responded by saying that the wages are constantly monitored. Chris Evans came out on top of the list - in the pay bracket of £2.2 million to £2.25 million - and Power Power is offering odds of 5/1 that his salary will be reduced in 2018. Considering that there are now bound to be attempts made to lower these salary amounts and Evans would probably be prepared to accept a pay cut for the sake of his reputation, the 5/1 price looks so generous that it could have come straight from the BBC’s accounts department.

Claudia Winkleman is the favourite to have her wages slashed at 2/1, which is perhaps something of a surprise as it was the salaries paid to men which has really sparked a lot of the outrage. There is no doubt that Winkleman is doing rather nicely, at £450,000-£499,000 a year, even if her main role seems to be to make childish jokes on Strictly Come Dancing for a few weeks every winter, but it is doubtful that she would be the first in line for a pay cut.

Possible Exits

Type Odds Bet Now
Which presenter will leave the BBC before 2019?
Clare Balding
Sarah Montague
Alex Jones
Emily Maitlis
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The list of presenters who might leave before 2019 is dominated by women, with bookies possibly suggesting that some of the BBC’s female stars may now decide they can find better deals elsewhere. Clare Balding receives between £150,000 and £199,999 a year from licence fee payers, the same amount as cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew or rugby pundit Jonathan Davies, and yet she fronts a lot of the corporation’s sports coverage. She would clearly be in demand from other broadcasters, as would fellow presenters such as Sarah Montague, Alex Jones and Emily Maitlis.

It will be intriguing to see whether the release of the top BBC salaries has an impact on its presenters, and how different next year’s figures might look. In the meantime, punters can check out the latest odds and think about which of their favourite stars could jump ship.

*Please note, odds may fluctuate.

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