Who Will Be the 2017 Lewes Bonfire Night Guy?

Updated Sunday 5th November 2017, 04:27 PM

November 5th is fast approaching, and that means bonfire night celebrations are being planned across the UK to mark the same date in 1605, when the gunpowder plot against the Houses of Parliament was foiled. Traditionally, an effigy of plot member Guy Fawkes is burned to mark the event, but bonfire societies in Lewes, East Sussex do something a little different by choosing to burn the effigy of a famous – and usually much disliked – person instead. Who will it be this year? We won’t know until the night of Saturday 4th November, when the celebrations actually take place, but we can speculate about some of the likely candidates….

Possible Lewes Bonfire Night Guys for 2017

  • Donald Trump was the effigy chosen for Bonfire Night in 2016, but the 45th President of the USA is proving so unpopular that he could well be selected to receive a second ceremonial roasting. He would probably dismiss such speculation as fake news, but what’s new?
  • Theresa May would make a popular candidate for the 2017 Lewes bonfire effigy, having called a snap general election earlier this year in order to obtain ‘a clear mandate’ and then promptly ending up with a hung parliament on her hands.
  • Boris Johnson has been as outspoken as ever over the last year, and his detractors would no doubt love to see him selected as a bonfire effigy, but whether the public dislike him as much as they do Trump or May is arguable.
  • Jeremy Corbyn may be Theresa May’s chief political opponent, but he isn’t Britain’s best-loved politician by any means, and even many members of his own party would like nothing better than to see his effigy go up in flames.
  • Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea, has been involved in an aggressive war of words with Donald Trump for months, so an effigy of him sitting on a nuclear weapon is another obvious possibility.
  • Katie Hopkins has been dubbed the most hated woman in Britain thanks to her bilious remarks as a Daily Mail columnist and generic talking head. An effigy would no doubt be popular, but she would probably just appreciate the attention.

Sports.net’s View

There are so many disliked public figures in the UK and around the world right now that picking just one to inspire a Lewes bonfire effigy is a tall order. Any one of the names mentioned above would be popular with a large section of bonfire night celebrants, but we would put our money on either Theresa May or Kim Jong Un being selected. Given that Theresa May’s presence is virtually inescapable, and that she has shown as much in the way of leadership skills as a damp pork scratching, we will side with the Prime Minister to be unveiled as the bonfire night effigy for 2017.

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