WWE Survivor Series Preview - Will Brock Lesnar Reign Supreme?

Updated Monday 20th November 2017, 09:11 AM

All eyes will be on the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, this Sunday as two of the biggest players on the WWE scene meet for an encounter that looks set to live long in the memory. Fans from around the world will watch with delight as Raw and Smackdown collide in a meeting that will pit Universal Champion Brock Lesnar against the surprise WWE Champion AJ Styles. Can Styles spring a massive shock against the all-conquering Lesnar or will the Beast Incarnate rip his opponent to shreds? Sports.net previews the match.


Despite this bout being between two of the biggest stars of WWE, the origins of Brock Lesnar’s showdown with AJ Styles actually began with an ultimatum from Jinder Mahal. The formidable 31-year-old had been eying an encounter with Lesnar ever since No Mercy, although the former UFC fighter dismissed the meeting, believing Mahal’s challenge to be beneath him. However, Lesnar’s partner in crime, Paul Heyman, accepted the invitation to rumble, leaving WWE fans drooling over the impending matchup.

However, before being able to step into the ring with Lesnar, Mahal was forced to defend his WWE Championship title against AJ Styles, a challenger who had been determined to organise a meeting for some time. Reluctantly, Mahal accepted Styles’ request, only to then lose out to the 40-year-old fighter. This shock outcome not only resulted in Styles claiming Mahal’s belt, but it also allowed the Georgia-born star to steal his rival’s limelight and set up a meeting with the Beast Incarnate.        

Sports.net’s View

To say Brock Lesnar has been a controversial figure in the world of WWE would be an understatement. The hulking wrestler has been at the centre of a number of high profile feuds during his time in WWE, with his rivalry with Mahal just the latest in a long line of disputes that had fans licking their lips in anticipation. However, the bad blood between the two fighters will have to be shelved for now as AJ Styles gets his chance to pin the strapping 6 foot 3 inch Lesnar.

There is no doubting that this meeting has come out of the blue, but following his victory over Mahal, momentum could certainly be with Styles, a man who is one of the favourites to excel at next year’s 30-Man Royal Rumble. However, Lesnar has looked unstoppable of late, meaning the sensible money would be on the reigning Universal Champion. The scales continue to tip in Lesnar’s favour with the imposing presence of Paul Heyman lurking in the shadows. Barring a surprise appearance from one of Styles’ allies, this meeting could be over in a matter of minutes. 

Both men have been part of the professional wrestling scene for well over 15 years, so it's fair to say that there will be plenty of experience on show. But all the signs point to a Lesnar victory, with Styles being left to limp away and lick his wounds.

Sports.net’s top tip:

Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) to Win

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