Euro 2016 Sweepstake Kit

Download your free Euro 2016 sweepstake kit ahead of the big tournament.

All you need to do is print off the two pages and, using the back section, cut up the teams one by one so you have the names of all 24 competing countries alongside their flag.

Round up your friends, family or colleagues and decide how much it is to enter, then just ask everyone to randomly draw a country. Make a note of which team everyone picks – there is a space next to each nation on the first page to insert someone's name.

All that is left is to agree on how the prizes will be distributed. It may be that everyone puts in £1 and the winner takes all, or you could split the pot to create more excitement. Perhaps first place gets to receive £12, the runner-up gets £6 and the two semi-finalists get £3 each. All of a sudden, a match between Hungary and Iceland becomes a real must-watch! on Social Media