Eurovision Bingo and Sweepstake Kit

Since its debut in 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest has been delighting audiences across Europe and around the world. Now, here’s your chance to be part of the night’s excitement by playing along at home with’s Eurovision Bingo and Eurovision Sweepstake Kit. Whether you play for money or just for fun, both games are certain to liven up any Eurovision party!

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Eurovision Bingo

Eurovision Bingo Card

Gather your family and friends together and keep an eye out for an array of events that are quintessentially Eurovision as you compete for the title of Eurovision Bingo champion. Below are a number of suggested rules for playing the game. (These rules are only a guide; individual rules can be devised between parties.)

  • Eurovision Bingo is a game for 2 to 8 players.
  • Watch carefully as the Eurovision Song Contest unfolds, crossing off the events on your card as they happen.
  • Players must match five panels in a row, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
  • Prizes are to be awarded to the first players to complete the following: vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, full house.
  • Should two or more players complete a line at the same time, a suitable tiebreaker is to be devised.

Download Eurovision Bingo Cards

Download the following bingo cards for Eurovision 2019 by selecting them below. Complete the squares as you go along and see who wins!

Eurovision Sweepstake Kit

Whether you’re fanatical about Eurovision or just a fan of placing a wager, our Eurovision Sweepstake kit will have all your friends, family and co-workers glued to the screen for Eurovision 2019 on Saturday night.

To get started, simply download’s Eurovision Sweepstake kit, place the country’s names in a hat, agree upon an entry fee (e.g. £2 per entry) and decide how the prize money will be split (e.g. 1st = 60%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd = 10%).

Once a participant has paid, they may select one of the finalists at random, with the sweepstake organiser making a note of the player’s name next to their selected nation or nations, if selecting more than one each.

Finally, watch Saturday night’s Eurovision Song Contest and cheer your country to victory!

Download Eurovision Sweepstake Kit

The Eurovision 2019 sweepstake kit is available below. Download the kit to start your sweepstake! on Social Media