Sports Betting FAQs

View a compiled list of some of the most frequently asked questions about sports betting below.

For more sports betting terms, see the glossary to help you understand your Goliaths from your reverse forecasts.

What is sports betting?

Sports betting is the simple process of predicting what you think will occur in a sporting event and winning money if you are correct. Bookies take bets on a huge range of sports, as well as other non-sporting events, such as elections or television programmes.

What is a betting market?

A betting market is any specific category within a sporting event which a customer can make a bet on. Most sporting events have multiple markets, such as markets in a football match for the result, correct score, first goalscorer etc.

What are betting odds?

The chances of a particular outcome are referred to as the odds and are also used to determine how much a punter will win if their prediction is correct. Outcomes which have shorter odds are considered more likely to happen and so customers would need to increase their stake to get a larger return. Find out more about betting odds and markets in the betting basics section.

How are odds displayed?

Most sportsbooks in the UK display odds in either fractional or decimal terms. Fractional odds of 2/1, for example, tell a punter that the stated outcome is only likely to occur once for every two occasions that it does not, and that they would win twice as much as they staked if it did happen. Decimal odds provide the same information in a different format and also include the return of the initial stake, so fractional odds of 2/1 would be represented as 3.00 as decimal to show that somebody betting £1 would get a return of £3 (winning £2, with their stake of £1 returned to them). Visit the odds conversion page to find out more.

Which sports have the best bets?

It depends on your individual taste as to whether you wish to bet or football or floorball, horse racing or handball. Take a look at the sports section to find out more about the latest opportunities to bet on your favourite events.

Is it better to bet online or at a local betting shop?

Whether you bet at your local bookie or place a wager online is entirely down to personal preference. Betting shops remain very popular in the UK and tend to bring punters together, whereas online sportsbooks provide speed, convenience and an increased range of markets. Read more about online betting vs local betting.

Which bookmakers can I use?

There are many bookmakers in the UK, from different online operators to thousands of betting shops. only features some of the most trusted bookmakers.

What about different types of betting?

There are lots of different ways to bet apart from placing single wagers on sporting events.’s betting guides explore some of the more specialist areas such as Asian Handicaps and the Martingale system, as well as the principles of Value Bets, Sure Bets and many more.

Where can I find betting tips on big sporting events?’s team of experts covers all the top events in depth so you can find out about the latest form of the main competitors, how the bookies see it going and which odds might provide the best value. Read the latest betting tips for some engaging previews of upcoming matches or competitions across a wide range of sports, and then it’s up to you whether you want to take their top tips on board.