Lost Betting Slips

If you have lost your betting slip, you will be understandably concerned about how to claim your returns should your wager come through in the end.

It must be hugely frustrating to place your bet, watch your horse romp home or witness your team destroy their opposition and, as you set off to pick up your cash, you realise you can’t find that all-important receipt.

Wherever you place your bets, you should ensure you keep the slip in a safe and memorable place whilst the race, game or tournament is ongoing to save yourself a lot of time, effort and worry. In order to guarantee you never lose your betting slip, you could bet on sport online instead. Your slip is kept safe electronically and is always connected to your account so you can withdraw your winnings soon after the event is completed should you have backed a winner.


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However, most high street bookies do have a process in place that you can follow to retrieve the money won on a bet, even without having the betting slip at hand. If you are worried about whether you will be able to collect your winnings, take a look at the policies of the retail arms of the major sportsbooks when it comes to lost betting slips.


You can fill out a lost slip form at any Betfred shop, although the company would prefer that you returned to the branch you initially visited. On the form you must rewrite the betting slip so they can match it against the one on their records.

You must provide your name and address, including postcode, as well as showing photo ID before your cash can be released.

William Hill

William Hill requires you to return to the branch that took your bet, where you can fill out a lost receipt form. You must take either a driving licence photocard or your passport before the claim can be processed.


If you lose a BetVictor betting slip, you will need to let the staff know and tell them where and when the bet was taken, how much you staked and details of all the wagers placed on the same ticket, whether they lost or won. If the event has passed, you may need to contact their customer support for more help.


For lost Ladbrokes betting slips, you must return to the shop at which you placed the bet and complete a lost bet slip form. Shop staff will then search their system to find your wager.


If you have lost a Coral betting slip, then according to their terms and conditions you must return to the shop where you placed the wager and fill out a lost receipt form. You should bring proof of identity with you during your visit, such as a passport. The bet will be paid after the records for the shop have been checked and your claim has been submitted to and approved by the security team. However, if someone has already cashed in your lost betting slip, they will not make any payment to you. Keep those pieces of paper safe!

The Betting Ring at a Racecourse

If you lost a betting slip on a wager placed in the betting ring at a racecourse, you must contact the Administration of Gambling on Tracks Ltd (AGT). Tell them the date and location of the meeting, the name of the bookmaker with whom you placed the bet, the horse’s name, the odds and the stake and include your contact details.

AGT will then ask the bookmaker to look into whether there is a matching outstanding bet on their records. If so, you will be sent a cheque for the full amount. However, payment will be withheld for a month after the race in case someone comes forward with an authentic winning slip.

Independent bookmakers and small chains will have their own rules on what happens if you win a wager but lose your betting slip. Many significant greyhound tracks, such as Wimbledon in London and Belle Vue in Manchester, state categorically that you cannot claim without a valid receipt for your wager.